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     A DCP can be encrypted to prevent pirating.
    The distributor retains complete control of its film and grants specific projection authorisations.
    Robustness: the whole DCP chain is very solid. Cinemas equipped to read DCPs are likely to be carefully calibrated,
    DCP (Digital Cinema Package or digital cinema) is the digital version of the 35mm print: this is the format used by all the multiplexes and a growing number of small cinemas.
    A DCP is a folder of digital files. It can be transported on a USB key (trailers …), a hard drive, internet, etc …
    The images are encoded in JPEG-2000: this is a very efficient compression algorithm, which makes the image lighter without losing details visible to the naked eye.
    A DCP is relatively light: about 300 GB for a feature film, less than 100 GB for a short movie.